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Sheogorath Magic Card :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 3 2
Spin the Bottle (Germany x reader)
(Random girl name here) stood shivering like a lovesick puppy looking at the bottle, then at Francis.
“Is she ok?” Arthur murmured you shrugged.
Francis grinned as he sauntered over to a quivering girl.
He gave her a rather intense French kiss, she froze, and just stood there before fainting, Francis caught her in that romantic way they do in movies.
She came to for a second and stared at him for a second, then fainted again, He grinned.
“Typical reaction”
He picked her up and carried her away bridal style.
“Shouldn’t someone chaperone?” you asked, Japan was already hurrying after Francis.
There was a pause and you heard Francis
“Aww you’re no fun!” pouting, Francis stomped back into the room, Kiku close behind. (No I don’t think Francis is a rapist! I just put that in here)
“Your turn Ludwig” Alfred said brightly, Ludwig grumbled.
“I don’t know why I play your stupid games” he knelt down an
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 1,022 723
Spin the Bottle (Austria x reader)
You weren’t paying the slightest attention to the spin the bottle game going on in front of you, instead your nose was stuck in your phone, and you were checking your deviant-art messages. Your last post was really popular among the masses.
“Hey ____ look” you looked to see the bottle pointing at you. Blushing, you stuffed your phone in your pocket.
“Who spun it?”
“Me” Gilbert said “but I’m not the one you have to kiss.”
“We’ll be right back,” Francis added as, he, Gilbert, and Antonio hurried to the hall.
From the back room, you heard Roderich playing fur Elise; he wanted nothing to with Prussia’s party. Half of you wanted to join him just because he was so handsome! And you wanted to learn how to play piano.
You wondered where the Bad Touch Trio was going; you didn’t dare to think they were going to get Roderich.
The score of fur Elise was interrupted abruptly there was the sound of discordant k
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 327 249
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader - 'Sizes' [England] :iconxcreativepoppet:xCreativePoppet 676 781
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader - 'Sizes' Prologue :iconxcreativepoppet:xCreativePoppet 640 608
Birthrights: Part 19 (AmericaxReader)
Birthrights: Part 19

You pressed your lips together. The meeting with the other nobility had gone well, you supposed, but some of the men at the table had left you a bit shaken. It was a mix of the shock from so many different people all talking to you at once, and from finally having to live up to your role as a queen without Arthur or Alfred to cover your tail.
The man who had challenged you earlier, Lord Yao from the Eastern Mountains, proved to be very insightful throughout the discussion, while the lord from the Southern Valley, Romulus, was hot headed and quick to suggest battle for a solution. Francis generally stayed out of the conversation unless it was to instigate further argument and ruffle feathers. Alfred said nothing until he rose, the conversation having turned to more personal matters of bickering siblings and fathers who are well past their reasonability. He stood with an apologetic smile on his face as he helped you to your feet.
“My frien
:iconvengefulamber:vengefulamber 11 9
Mature content
Alucard XShy!Reader LEMON!!! :iconminnibellsnow:MinniBellSnow 502 128
Wolf and the Halla :iconlithiel:Lithiel 46 8 Keep Calm Black Butler :icondancingblackr:DancingBlackR 1,870 493
Mature content
HetaliaXReader Drawing: Dangerous hobby Prolouge :iconhetaliadrabbles:HetaliaDrabbles 400 270
They Ran Out of Cheese {Alistair x Reader}
WARNING: This could contain spoilers so heads up and it's over 5000 words...heads up there too
           The harsh sound of curtains drawn and intense sunrays hitting my face rouse me from my sleep. Groaning, I try with all my might to open up my eyes.
           “I thought I could sleep in today.” I groggily protest looking to my mother, the woman who promised me I could do so, through squinted eyes.
           “Yes well I’ll take the credit for that.” She simply states. “It seems the King’s Ball had completely slipped my mind. Hurry and get up Pup. We need you in your dress ready to get your hair done as well as your makeup.” I rub my eyes and just silently glare at her standing there with her hands on her hips. “Come on. Get up.” She ushers and I just huff in amusement at her antics. She feels
:iconemmaloon:Emmaloon 56 26
DA:I Fade kisses :icondrathe:drathe 672 94 Vampire Lord Alistair 2.0 :iconmotoslave:motoslave 2 3 Okami :iconyuumei:yuumei 44,058 2,094 Dragon Age II - Anders :iconnazgullow:Nazgullow 1,830 172 DA2 Fenris :iconsandara:sandara 14,409 1,152



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United States
l am currently attending college for a culinary degree. i do not draw as much as i like to any more but i still play video games when i find time between work and school.
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: doctor who
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: water
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
3. You must choose 11 people to tag.
4. Go to their page and tell him/her that you tagged them :3
5. No tag backs!

1) i have a thing for blades
2) i love to shoot guns
3) my hair is brown
4) i have issues with close minded people
5) i like to bake cookies
6) my fav flowers are snap dragons
7) i love the smell of rain
8) i like the taste of my own blood
9) my eyes are green
10) I bothers me when people write fanfics and the characters are out of character
11) i think bowties are cool

and i don't know how to tag people on DA.....


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